"I saw Bob speak in front of a large group at the annual AM&AA conference. Bob is a very charismatic person who delivered a highly motivational and entertaining speech to our group. Great way to start the two day conference."

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— Dennis Prado, Principal, Main Street Capital Holdings


"As our keynote speaker for our International conference last summer, Bob proved to be an extraordinarily speaker! As both a business owner and accomplished Olympian with a very special story, our network of independent M&A professionals were inspired to plan their own greatness!"

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— Michael Nall, AM&AA


"Bob's personal triumph over tragedy is a unique story of the human spirit, and his message to "Be World Class" resonates beyond the sporting arena and into the business world. I strongly recommend hiring Bob to energize, motivate and inspire your team to harness the will to win."

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— Jason Accola, Senior Mortgage Consultant, Wintrust Mortgage


"I had the opportunity to work with Bob as I coordinate the Success Series on behalf of Wintrust Mortgage. I hired Bob to be the motivational speaker for our networking events, which were three consecutive days. Bob was professional and great to work with! He was well prepared with marketing materials and presentations; he was accessible and easy to work with; he was well rehearsed and delivered a great message. The audience felt they walked away with actionable items they were able to apply immediately. I would highly recommend Bob Berland and his 'Be World Class' philosophy for any group, as his message is applicable to just about anyone!"

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— Amy Howell, Wintrust Mortgage


On behalf of the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association, thank you for your Keynote presentation, Be World Class at the Mid-Winter Conference in Miami, FL. Your presentation was great for motivating our attendees to look beyond challenges and adversity and reach for nothing more than greatness.

Thank you again for your support of MFSA and your contribution to the success of the Mid-Winter Conference.

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— Jennifer Root, MFSA


The following is from David Bemoras in an e-mail to his staff at CSC:

I have received countless emails, text messages and phone calls from many of our suppliers congratulating us on a great Summit. They all made a point of communicating that we have the most positive thinking, focused and energized team in the industry. I hope you all left this year's Summit with more clarity than ever on how to THINK about achieving your personal "World Class Goal".  I hope you are all more committed than ever to ACT on your plan. Finally, you should truly BELIEVE that by acting on your plan you can and will achieve your WORLD CLASS GOAL! Thanks again for making this year's Summit our best ever!

— David Bemoras, President, CSC

The following is a reply to the above email:

...as well as being personally motivated by everything that I experienced myself, I am equally excited about what my sales reps learned and experienced during the summit. The themes were simple and the every session whether large or small group conveyed a consistent message about thinking, believing and acting.

Bob Berland's talk was motivational, but, not over the top. I saw my reps taking notes throughout his speech.

— Paul McMaster, General Manager, CSC


The following are from a recent motivational speech Bob gave at Communications Supply Corporation "CSC":


Everyone loved your presentation, and I'm honestly going to implement portions into my own life. Thanks again for the great motivational presentation.

— Frank LaPlante, CSC, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development


Bob Absolutely phenomenal job. Several people came up to me to say it was by far the best and most inspirational delivery by any of our guest speakers.

— Howard Fox, CSC


We have known Bob since the 1984 Olympics, and we have always been impressed with his focus and enthusiasm. It is easy to see why Bob was a successful athlete, but it is also clear how he has translated his Olympic success into his business and personal success. Bob lives everyday mindful of the Olympic values of integrity, fair-play, and respect for his competitors. His energy and personal drive is infectious, and we are pleased that he is willing to share his message with others. We can all benefit from hearing Bob Berland's inspirational message.

—Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci


Thank you for helping me in the biggest moment of my life in Athens 2004. As a young kid, you were a role model for me as someone who had accomplished greatness at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles and it was a true honor for me to have you sit in my chair as a coach in Athens.

Your dedication, work ethic, and world class athletic talent helped you achieve success as an athlete, but your compassion and professionalism made you a great coach. You are a true American judo hero with a great story to share with others. I am glad that you have chosen me to be a part of it. Best of luck to you my friend.

— Jimmy Pedro, 2 Time Olympic Medalist, 4 Time Olympian, World Champion


There are only a few people who, when they walk in a room, they fill it by just being present. Bob Berland is one of these. When Bob says he is going to do something, not only does he do it, but he does it with class and with style. I have known Bob for 27 years and he continues to take life full-on with his natural, personable ease. It takes all this to be a Champion in sport and in life. Bob delivers in both arenas. I am grateful to call him a dear friend and wish him continued success in all his ventures.

— Neil Adams MBE, 8th Dan, Double Silver Olympic Medallist for GBR (1980- Moscow & 1984-LA), World Judo Champion - 1981.


Even though I only knew you for a short amount of time, you had a very profound impact on my life. Sometime during the day I casually mentioned how I would like to row in the '92 games. You stopped and said 'You should do it.' The way you said it stopped me dead in my tracks...

After I got home, I thought about what you said quite a bit for the next few weeks. Once the school year started I trained harder, studied more, and started talking to seriously hot women for a change. Within 3 months I made the deans list, was elected co-captain of the crew team and ended up having a long term relationship with a dynamite women. I didn't make the Olympic team but I learned to dream big and work hard toward a worthy goal...

— Corbin Kohn


Bob was really a special guy. I appreciate you guys bringing him in for us to hear his story.  As much trouble as I had coming out of college realizing that I was not going to reach my goals as a world class athlete, he has given me hope to be a professional within these walls and try my best to achieve world class status as an employee here.  

Its been a long time since I've have had the opportunity to hear something that positive come from a guy that I have so much respect for, even though I've known him for all of 90 minutes.

— Bryan Belville, AFN


I received innumerable compliments on your ability to pump up the crowd. Everyone was struck by your candid recounting of personal Olympic moments. Thank you very much for sharing these stories. One of my friends even commented, 'I only wish I had more in my bank account, because I feel like saying, "I'm in - how much do you need? Just tell me where to sign!"' ...A very successful event!

— Leah Drew, Manager of International Relations at Chicago 2016