What You Can Expect To Hear

Energize your meeting and your entire team through one of Bob's powerful keynote speeches.

"This is much more than an Olympic athlete's motivational speech."
- David Bemoras, President CSC


Success in today's world demands a passion for perfection. Whether an individual or a corporation, we are all striving to achieve our best in a highly-competitive environment.

Bob Berland understands competition. A two-time Olympian and Silver medalist in Judo. An Olympic Team Coach. A commodities trader for 15 years. And today, the owner of a highly successful print and communications business.

Bob has faced tremendous adversity and achieved extraordinary goals.

Through it all, however, Bob has managed to keep a strong sense of balance between family, community, and profession, leading to a unique and practical formula for achieving excellence.


A dynamic and inspiring speaker, Bob Berland will share his proprietary formula for being World Class!

You'll learn his techniques for optimizing performance, obtaining objectives, and, ultimately, how to operate at a truly World Class level. Bob will show you concrete applications of how to use his philosophy to solve real-world problems. You’ll understand not only how to change, but how to maintain change under the most demanding conditions.

The results from Bob’s program will pay off in higher quality, better focus, and increased profitability. A balanced and happier outlook on life. And unbeatable performance.

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